Driver Fatigue – A Major Concern on Our Roads

By Ronak Shah
Driving Tips

In October 2016, the NRSPP (National Road Safety Partnership Program) produced an excellent 5-page fact sheet called “To Keep Driving or Not – A Guide for Salespeople”. Although sales people are the focus of this driver fatigue guide, the information in this fact sheet applies to anyone spending a large amount of time on the road – whether it be for work or personal reasons.

This article is informative, and we feel really highlights the shocking impact that driver fatigue plays in our car crash statistics.

Fatigue can be summarised as “a loss of alertness that reduces human performance and may or may not end up in sleep”.  Whether you actually fall asleep or not, fatigue still reduces your alertness and impairs your awareness and response times.

Up to 40% of serious and Fatal crashes can be found to have driver fatigue as a significant factor.

The subsequent personal and monetary costs that flow from fatigue-related incidents are of enormous concern to businesses.  All businesses need to manage the welfare of staff who need to drive as part of their job.

AtCorporate Driver Training Australia, we have some core messages during the driver fatigue portion of ourLow-Risk Driving Course.  These are:

  1. As soon as you notice any of the symptoms of fatigue you must stop.
  2. Avoid driving when you would normally be asleep
  3. Take a rest stop every 2 hours whether you are tired or not.

There are many symptoms of driver fatigue.  These include rubbing of eyes, sore eyes, rubbing face and eyes, turning up the radio to keep alert, stiffness, and having trouble getting comfortable in the car.

Driving when fatigued should be strongly avoided. Low-Risk Drivers have a break BEFORE the onset of any of these symptoms listed above.

For more information, we have included a link here to theNRSPP Driver Fatigue Fact Sheet.

At CDTA, we also encourage businesses to take proactive measures, like our Low-Risk Driving Course, to ensure that their staff stay safe on the roads.  If you’d like to find out more about the range ofcourseswe offer,contact usand we’ll be more than happy to help you find the right course for your business!

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