New Campaign Launches in Tasmania Urging Drivers' to Put Down Their Phones

By Ronak Shah

Over the next five years, the Tasmanian Government is investing over $75 million as part of the ‘ Towards Zero Action Plan 2020-24’ . The ultimate goal is to have zero deaths or serious injuries on Tasmania’s roads. But there’s still a lot of work to be done with over 30 fatalities on Tasmanian roads in 2019.

The latest campaign focuses on drivers’ mobile phone usage with The Road Safety Advisory Council using humour to highlight how using your mobile phone when driving is dangerous. A good driver can quickly become a bad one – all it takes is a glance at the phone. The campaign’s purpose is to change irresponsible driving behaviour by suggesting that they are a ‘goose’ if they use their phone while driving. You can view the campaign video here

“Mobile phones are an essential part of our lives but should be no part of driving. Driving is a complex task that demands full attention,” RSAC chairman Garry Bailey said . This message is particularly focused at our younger generation of drivers who are relying more and more on their mobile phones as part of their everyday routine. 

According to the Department of State Growth Transport , fatalities have decreased by 47% over the past 10 years, however, serious injuries as a result of a road accident have remained relative with an average of 271 serious injuries reported every year. By investing in road safety messaging, the Tasmanian Government is investing in education that will hope to reduce these statistics dramatically over the next four years.

Transport Minister Michael Ferguson is urging everyone to change their driving behaviour. “The key issues that do cause death on our road come down to driver behaviour – let’s all do the right thing,” Mr Bailey said

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