All About 4WD – One Day

4wd training course

All About 4WD is a one-day course for those who want to know more about their 4WD vehicle. Unlike CDTA‘s other 4WD courses, All About 4WD focuses on using your 4WD in routine driving situations and is not intended for those planning to do serious off-road driving.

The course is typically delivered on site and is designed for employees who use 4WD vehicles as regular transport.

The course does not include demanding off-road/rough terrain driving or vehicle recovery techniques. The course is designed to help drivers optimise safety by understanding the special features of 4WD vehicles and how to compensate for safety compromises. The course includes classroom learning and practical driving with coaching by a qualified instructor.


On completion of the course each participant receives a certificate detailing the topics covered.

This includes:

  • Tyres
  • Posture & Seat Belts
  • Braking
  • Low Risk Driving
  • Driving on Sealed/Unsealed Roads & Tracks
  • Driving at Highway Speeds
  • 4X4 Vehicle Preparation
  • 4X4 Mechanical Differences
  • Use of High/Low Range
  • Use of Free-Wheeling Hubs (if applicable)

More detailed information is available on request. Contact CDTA for a course program and pricing information.


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