At Corporate Driver Training Australia we have a Mission to reduce road trauma. Despite our company name, we are not primarily concerned with teaching people to drive.

We are, however, totally committed to a scientific and research based approach to achieving our goals. It’s extremely important to know that what we offer actually works.

97% Success Rate

You can rest assured that your investment in road safety education & training will pay dividends. Over the last few years participants have consistently reported outstanding results.

By mid 2015, a staggering 97% of respondents to our Teachers’ Feedback Survey claimed to, “Take a lot fewer risks” since attending our one-day Low Risk Driving Course.

Top 10 Reported Changes to Driving Behaviour 2014

  1. More space between me & other vehicles
  2. More aware of my environment, look further and wider
  3. Anticipate the movements of other drivers & pedestrians
  4. Leave more space when slowing & when stopped at traffic lights
  5. Drive with my headlights on more often or all the time


  1. Take ownership of my safety – My Safety My Choice
  2. Be totally aware of fatigue
  3. Plan trips & breaks, take ownership of my safety, drive less aggressively
  4. Use touch-freeze braking (equal 10th positions)
  5. Check my tyre pressures more often