Corporate Driver Training Melbourne

How do Corporate Driver Training Australia courses differ from those of our competitors?

We teach Low Risk Driving that focuses on the real challenges facing today’s drivers. Our aim is to motivate drivers to make choices that put safety first. To do this we seek to change driver thinking style and behaviour.

Low Risk Driving is about making conscious choices to drive safer. Making these choices, like any choice, means thinking about your options and having proven strategies to deal with incidents when driving.

Corporate Driver Training Australia seeks to influence the way people think in such a way that safer choices become habitual.

It is our belief that we do not need to teach drivers how to drive as we know that the majority of drivers already have this skill. It is our aim to challenge and motivate drivers to think differently about their driving and as a result do more to protect themselves when on the roads.

Our Low Risk Driving Course takes a behavioural approach and encourages individual drivers to recognise the importance of safe behaviour and make a sustained change in their decisions when driving.

Low Risk Driving is not advanced skills driving nor is it defensive driving. We do not simulate driving situations at off road venues like racetracks as all our practical training is conducted on normal roads in the every-day driving environment.