A Christmas message from Corporate Driver Training Australia

By Ronak Shah

Corporate Driver Training Australia extends heartfelt best wishes to you, your staff, friends and family over the 2019 Christmas New Year period.

Our 2019 Christmas message is to allow yourself the time to think about what matters most to you. Undoubtedly the safety and wellness of those around you is your most important priority. Recently, there has been significant media attention and safety manager focus on the chronic widespread problem of DISTRACTED DRIVING.

In a recent Australian Naturalistic Study (ANDS), four cameras and sensors were placed in the cockpit of 346 cars owned by 379 New South Wales and Victorian Drivers. Results revealed that:

    • Australian drivers are distracted for 45 per cent of the time behind the wheel
    • Driver distraction was the cause of approximately 16 per cent of serious crashes
    • Every 96 seconds a driver was distracted by something other than the road ahead
    • Six per cent of these distractions captured on video resulted in near misses

As teachers and health and safety professionals, we must lead by example.

Do not:

    • Take your eyes off the road.
    • Take your hands off the wheel, or 
    • Take your mind off driving

Keep you and your family safe this Christmas and in 2020. Encourage your staff and fellow workers to remember principles of Low-Risk Driving and in doing so be a driver who will not engage in distracted driving.

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