CDTA is ready to deliver our safe driving message in line with COVID-19 restrictions


  • CDTA will deliver training in line with restrictions placed by COVID-19.

  • Questions will be asked of trainers and participants before entering the training room that they are feeling well and not showing any signs of Coronavirus.

  • Attendee register will be maintained to record movement (arrival & departure) of trainers and participants throughout the day.

  • Face masks must be worn by all trainers and participants at all times.

  • Training rooms will be larger is size to facilitate distancing requirements. Seating arrangements and movement within the training room will ensure distancing of 1.5 metres.

  • Equipment, chairs and tables will be cleaned and sanitized before and during the day.

  • Sanitizer available in various locations throughout the day.

  • If any trainer or participant begins to show signs of suffering coronavirus, the nearest virus testing station will be located and the particular individual will be asked to attend the testing station. If the individual is too sick to drive themselves, a CDTA representative will drive the individual to the station.

  • The reversing and manoeuvring session will be demonstrated in the car park and several participants will watch from the appropriate distance. Vehicles will be disinfected before any driver change.

  • Our signature in car driving session will now be conducted in the classroom. Participants will enjoy viewing an extensive array of GoPro vision taken from the vehicle that will present real life driving situations.
    Participants will be asked to assess how all the Low Risk Driving techniques can be applied given circumstances presented by the video footage. 
    Participants will enjoy interactive discussion with trainers and fellow participants on numerous driving situations.



    “What’s better than Defensive Driving?”

    Corporate Driver Training Australia has a fantastic new training approach that’s light-years ahead of defensive driving. It’s called Low Risk Driving. The good news is that Low Risk Driving works. Low Risk Driving delivers safer drivers and fewer crashes. Your colleagues will be impressed with your decision to choose a Low Risk Driving Course over the old technology.

    Low Risk Driving Courses can be delivered on-site anywhere in Australia, New Zealand or Asia Pacific

    Individuals can attend a Low Risk Driving Course in a capital city near you

    If you’re not satisfied a Low Risk Driving Course can help you be a safer driver, will give you your money back, no questions asked

    “Become A Safer Driver For Life”

    On a Low Risk Driving Course you will learn:

    • The differences between your driving and Low Risk Driving
    • Where crashes happen & how to avoid them
    • How to develop critically reflective thinking styles like “What can I do?” and “Why did that happen?”
    • How to give yourself feedback to continue improving after the course
    4wd driving course

    97% of graduates take fewer risks when they drive!

    After our Low Risk Driving Course 97% of participants drive differently and take fewer risks.

    How To Book A Course

    If you would like to make a booking, you will need to pre-purchase a position on Corporate Driver Training Australia’s scheduled mixed client course or book onsite training at your place of business. Refer to our BOOKING page for upcoming sessions and training venue locations. Please open the interactive Driver Training Registration Form (pdf) at the link below. Driving Training Registration Form (.pdf) When you have completed the form, click the ‘SUBMIT’ button. If line manager authorisation is required for your training, please print the completed form, have it signed, and fax to us at Corporate Driver Training Australia on 1800 827 442.


    We have courses for Corporate, Government and Individual clients. We can come to your site or you can come to one of our training centres Australia wide, whatever suits you best.


    Corporate Driver Training Australia will reinforce your organisational (driver) safety messages and recognise that all levels of management have made the commitment to value employee safety first.

    Client Entry Point

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    Here’s a short list of some of our corporate clients. They have all experienced the benefits of safer drivers including fewer injuries, reduced fleet costs and greater profitability. We are proud to be associated with blue ribbon companies such as Shell, Viva Energy, Orica Australia, Dulux Group, the NSW Roads & Traffic Authority, Powerlink, Origin Energy, and many more