Are You Educating Your Staff On Road Safety

By Ronak Shah

Creating and maintaining a safe work environment is a priority for all organisations, yet many are failing to look beyond the moment their employees leave the building.

Many incidences occur within physical workplaces including muscle strains, falls or equipment-based accidents, however, a very small number of these accidents are fatal. Road accidents are the number one cause of death in the workplace ( NRSPP ). Although road accidents don’t occur as frequently as minor workplace incidences, the risk of having staff out on the road is the greatest workplace risk of all.

Transport for NSW is taking action on this issue by introducing a number of initiatives to help organisations understand the risks their staff face on the road ( NRSPP ). Organisations are now encouraged to develop their own road safety policy and educate staff on the topic of road safety. It is expected that other Australian states and territories will follow NSW in encouraging organisations across the country to implement measures that aim to reduce the risk of a workplace accident on the road.

At Corporate Driver Training Australia, we help corporate organisations across Australia and New Zealand to create a safe working environment by educating their staff on road safety. We believe that we do not need to teach drivers how to drive as we know that the majority of drivers already have this skill. We aim to challenge and motivate drivers to think differently about their driving and as a result, do more to protect themselves when on the roads. It is a long-term behavioural change, not one that drivers forget after a few months.

Embedding a positive road safety policy in your workplace is as important as ever. It could mean the difference between a minor and a fatal incident within your workplace. To learn more our Corporate Driver Training Australia Courses, visit

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