Australian Government Injects Spending Into Road Safety

By Ronak Shah

Despite these uncertain economic times, the Australian Government continues to support road safety initiatives as a way of reducing road trauma in the short and long term. A number of projects have been recently announced that focus on working towards a goal of zero deaths on Australian roads including the Road Safety Innovation Fundand the Road Safety Awareness and Enablers Fund.

Road Safety Innovation Fund

The federal government has recently launched the Road Safety Innovation Fundwhich aims to support road safety research and the development of new, innovative road safety technologies and products. This injection is $12 million over a four year period and addresses priority areas such as road safety in regional areas, reducing driver distractions (including mobile phones), driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, and improving safety for vulnerable road users. This research is supporting road safety research and initiatives specific to the Australian road conditions.

The ultimate goal is to reduce road trauma in Australia by creating a sustainable road transport system with zero fatal and serious injuries. The key to this is education with the Australian Government is working to include a ‘Safe System’ approach whereby road users implement a safety-first mentality every time they get in the car. In the long term, the initiative focuses on changing the way we address road safety challenges.

Road Safety Awareness and Enablers Fund 

The Road Safety Awareness and Enablers Fund is a $4 million initiative that is funding road safety awareness, education and collaboration initiatives. Twenty projects have been funded with the ultimate goal of reducing road trauma on Australian roads. Similarly to the Road Safety Innovation Fund, the priority areas are rural road safety, awareness of the dangers of speeding, driveway safety, sharing the road and fatigue awareness. 

Driver Training For Corporate Australia 

At Corporate Driver Training Australia, we are supporting the Australian Government’s goal of zero deaths through education and training in the Corporate Sector. Road accidents are the number one cause of death in the workplace. We are committed to helping corporate organisations across Australia and New Zealand to create a safe working environment by educating their staff on road safety. Our course content aligns with many of the Australian 

Government’s key priority areas including: 

  • Road safety in rural areas
  • Reducing driver distractions 
  • Fatigue awareness
  • Using shared roads
  • Dangers associated with speeding
  • Driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol

In line with these new initiatives, we aim to challenge and motivate drivers to think differently about their driving and as a result, do more to protect themselves when on the roads. It is a long-term behavioural change, not one that drivers forget after a few months. To learn more about Corporate Driver Training courses, visit

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