Corporate Driver Training in Perth

By Ronak Shah

Last week we made a two day trip to Perth where we delivered the Low-Risk Driving Course to drivers from 8 different Perth based companies. Our course on Tuesday 15 th October was held at Mt Lawley Golf Clubwhere representatives from a broad cross-section of companies attended.

Fortunately, the weather was cool but fine and we were able to extend our reversing and manoeuvring session where some of the attendees requested additional practice. The fundaments of reversing and manoeuvring are simple but it’s not until you attempt to put these principles into practice, whilst surrounded by your colleagues, that it becomes more difficult. By the end of the reversing and manoeuvring session, all 10 attendees had satisfied the trainers that they were competent at that skill.

Low Risk Reversing and Manoeuvring has become an important part of our training schedule. Most corporate driving incidents are not major. The overwhelming number of incidents occur in car parks where the loss of concentration leads to car damage, causing great expense to corporations. The purpose of the session is to highlight to attendees the stress and expense to corporations when dealing with even minor incidents and focus on driver behaviour.

The second day of training was once again focused on Low-Risk Driver training. Some attendees had previously attended the Full Day Low Risk Driving course and therefore enrolled in a Refresher Course. All attendees showed great respect to their previously acquired Low-Risk Driving skills and demonstrated that they exhibit the traits of a Low-Risk Driver. The trainers were overwhelmed with their driving behaviour reinforcing the fact that Low Risk Driving principles do work in the short term and long term.

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