Create a workplace culture that champions driver safety

By Ronak Shah

safety culture

Driving for work is one of the most dangerous work-related activities. Those who drive at work are twice as likely to be involved in a car crash compared to those that drive for personal use only. 

Complacency in driver safety can result in unsafe driving within an organisation and significantly increase the risk of a serious accident. So how do we overcome complacency and create a workplace culture that champions driver safety?

What does complacent driver safety look like?

Some obvious signs of complacent driver safety include poorly maintained vehicles, untrained drivers and unreasonable shift work or time pressure. Complacent driver safety may not always appear unsafe, however, it may create unsafe conditions that enable unsafe driver behaviour and increase the risk of accidents. This may include poor servicing of vehicles, lack of pre-start safety checks, unclear safety policies, poor fatigue management and lack of training and education for workers about the dangers of driving for work.

Safety culture is influenced by the values of the organisation, its management staff and employees. How these values are communicated through motivations and behaviours plays a significant role in determining safety culture.

How do we overcome complacency and improve safety?

As well as improving driver safety and minimising the risk of accidents, building a ‘safety first’ culture can positively influence worker attitudes and behaviour.  This can be achieved by regularly evaluating driving safety initiatives, engaging with employees to gain feedback and new ideas, and allocating the required resources. 

Creating culture change involves the process of taking stakeholders from the point of ‘unknowing’ to being ‘enlightened’ on the topic of driver safety. The below infographic from NRSPP shows the journey that an organisation goes through to build a culture change.

safety culture

Education and training 

A critical step in building a driver safety culture is educating stakeholders on the importance of putting their safety first and how to put it into action.

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