Daily Risks on the Road - Courier Driver Distractions

By Ronak Shah

It is important to avoid courier driver distractions if you want to ensure safe delivery… every time.

When we do something every day, we can get complacent. Sometimes it is those who work on the road who need training the most! Courier driver distractions can be a daily risk.

After a few years on the road, most people will be able to operate their vehicle on autopilot. This means our minds wander and begin to focus on other things – and for professionals who spend a lot of time on the road, like couriers, driver distractions can be deadly.

Courier driver distractions can be as simple as changing the radio station to find a different song or discussion. Crash experts allege that poor driver behaviour like this is a contributing factor in over 90% of crashes on our roads.

Personal grooming and, of course, mobile phone use are among the most common distractions on the road and can quickly lead to calamity. Taking your eyes off the road for even a few seconds can be fatal, whether that be to answer the phone or check a map.

Courier Driver Distractions

Regardless of the precautions taken with blue tooth or hands-free devices, courier driver distractions are still a danger because you’re at higher risk of an accident if your focus is elsewhere. Visual cues of an impending accident, exit lights, stop signs and the dozens of other things drivers need to be aware of can all be missed. Distracted drivers also have slower response times – even with your eyes on the road, if your mind is elsewhere, you are still at risk.

There are ways to reduce the risk by increasing concentration while driving. Sometimes, employees need more support – this is where our low risk driving coursescan play a major role.

At Corporate Driver Training Australia, we can help identify and reduce the risk of courier driver distractions. Our courses can be delivered on-site anywhere in Australia for businesses, and in any capital city for individuals. Driver training courses aim to instruct drivers on how best to avoid distractions and make our roads safer for everyone.

Whether you have a team of drivers on the road, or are a corporate driver looking for additional training, Corporate Driver Training Australia has the solution for your business. Contact usfor more information about our low risk driver training, or any of our other courses. We can help make driver safety the top priority in your company.

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