Digital Licences

By Ronak Shah
Driving Tips


Ever misplaced or lost your licence? It can be quite frustrating knowing that you’ll have to fork out the cash to get another one or be forced to convince authorities like the police that you did indeed lose it in the event of a random licence check. These incidents can soon be a thing of the past though because digital licences are starting to be trialled and implemented, ensuring that even the most absent-minded will struggle to lose their licence.

Drivers and other licence holders are starting to be able to apply for digital licenses rather than the traditional hard copy. If you are ever pulled over by the police and need to show proof of licence, then all that is required is your trusty phone with the digital licence app. During police stops or other checks, it’s a simple matter for them to verify all details and check the virtual licences current validity with the push of a button, reducing time at stops.

A digital license allows people to access, view, show, update and renew licenses using their smartphone. Current licences and permits offering digital options are boat licences, RSA, RCG, fishing, and of course the standard driving licence is expected to follow for mainstream use in the next few years. Those who apply will still get a plastic one; however they will now have a digital licence as well.

Digital licences offer a whole host of benefits, like fewer cards to carry and the ability to show your age and permission to drive with a secure mobile app at no extra cost. They also offer a convenient way to update details renew the license from your mobile, real-time updates and specific information like reminders to renew licenses.

Digital licences use cutting edge tech to provide several additional levels of security and fraud prevention. There are multi-tiered security levels, and all the data is securely stored in the government’s data centre. Even if the phone with the data is lost or stolen, the private information cannot be retrieved because the app is encrypted with the same high tech software used by banks to protect themselves.

If digital isn’t your thing, and you like the feel of the physical license in your hand, digital permits are not compulsory; they are strictly for those who prefer the convenience. Digital licences offer convenience and security that is lacking in their older physical counterparts and are expected to become more prevalent in the next few years.

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