Does Your Workplace Have a Mobile Phone Policy

By Ronak Shah

The number of possible in-car distractions is increasing with more and more drivers being caught for texting, making calls and checking notifications on their smartphone whilst driving. According to Road Safety NSW , simply taking your eyes off the road for more than two seconds doubles the risk of having a crash. When text messaging, drivers can spend up to 400% more time with their eyes off the road than when they are not texting messaging, significantly increasing their chances of an accident. This is becoming an increasing concern for organisations that have staff driving on Australian roads every day.

At Corporate Driver Training Australia, we encourage organisations to consider having a Mobile Phone Policy in place to minimise these risks. Having a well-planned policy in place can give structure and direction for organisations to support their employees to be safer on the road and improve overall organisational health and safety. By having such policies in place, organisations can minimise the risk of a road accident caused by distractions. One example is the “keys in, phone off” policy which reduces the temptation for drivers to engage with their device during their journey by turning their phone off whenever the engine is on.

It is not only important to implement Mobile Phone Policies, but also to educate staff on risks associated with mobile phone usage on the road. Mobile phones are now more often than not at arms reach and play a major role in our daily lives whether it is for personal or work purposes. However, the dangers of mobile phones on the road are always underestimated. 

At Corporate Driver Training Australia, we teach your staff how to be low-risk drivers. ‘Distractions’ form a large component of our courses with a heavy focus on the dangers of mobile phone usage and how we can avoid mobile phone-related accidents. 

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