Driving Myths You Probably Believed

By Ronak Shah

Driving test examiners have a fail quota

Absolutely not! this is 100% not true.

Examiners will pass you if you did everything right and fail you if you didn’t. It’s as simple as that! While it might make people feel better to have the justification in their minds, we can whole heartedly say this is not the case.

Examiners will allow safe drivers to pass, thus ensuring safety to other automobile users.

Men are better drivers than women

*ponders the above heading* hmmm. Well in response to this all we can say is while everyone is different and unique having the ability to be bad at an activity is not discriminatory to either sex. Both men and women have the equal opportunity to great drivers or bad drivers.

It should be noted that MoneySuperMarkethave reported that women are safer than men.  Whether ‘safer’ means ‘better’ will be debated until the end of time but from a staying alive point of view, safe is good

*Steps away quietly from the debate*

If a speed camera doesn’t flash, you’re OK

Driving Myths

Nope. Technology has advanced quite a bit over the past few years, and now speed cameras can catch you using infrared.

If you’re driving fast enough to feel uneasy when passing a speed camera, we truly advise reducing your speed and reconsider how you drive. Stick to the speed limit and you will have no problems, or cause any problems for anyone else.

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Red cars cost more to insure

No, absolutely not. We know, we know, red cars go faster right? And because of this, all insurance companies deem red cars to be more expensive to insure. This is not the case. The fact is, the color of your car won’t affect how much you will pay for your insurance. The type of car and the age of the driver is how the insurers determine how much you pay.

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