Driving With Thongs, Is It Legal

By Ronak Shah

Thongs are the preferred footwear of most Aussies. The loose fitting shoe is ideal for the arid climate where it’s too hot for closed in footwear, which inevitably leads to some people driving in them. Which begs the question is it legal to operate a vehicle with thongs?
The short answer is yes, it is not technically illegal to drive with thongs. However, there are several factors and risks that all drivers should take into account when operating a vehicle with thongs. While not technically unlawful, wearing them carries certain risks. If a crash or other incident occurs, the police can and will take into account if the driver’s footwear was a factor in the accident.
If it was the cause, or if the police believe that wearing other footwear could have prevented the incident, then the offending driver can face hefty fines and other harsh punishments. These can range from monetary to potential charges being laid, depending on the damage caused.
It is a requirement of every driver to have full control of their vehicle at all times and stay vigilante. Driving With Thongs can increase the chance of an accident, whether it be the strap getting tangled on the pedal or the shoe falling off and obstructing the pedal. The wrong kind of shoes can cause all sorts of issues for drivers. For these reasons, some driving schools actively discourage students from Driving With Thongs and instead encourage barefoot driving, because it allows for better control and nothing to impede the driver’s ability to control the car.
It’s advisable to wear the appropriate footwear that will allow everyone to operate their vehicle in the safest way possible and to the best of their ability. Driving with Thongs is not technically illegal, but we do not support these actions and encourage drivers to be safe on the roads at all times and engage in low-risk driving behaviours.

Driving With Thongs
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