Have you checked your tyres recently

By Ronak Shah

Have you checked your tyres recently? Damaged or worn tyres can increase the risk of an accident by affecting braking distances and handling. It is important to check your tyres regularly in order to improve your safety on the road as well as the safety of other drivers. NSW Government recommends checking tyers on a fortnightly basis if you are driving daily. 

When checking tyres, it is important to look out for bulges, cuts and cracks. This is particularly critical for those who need to drive off-road. Remove any objects lodged in the tread and check for gouges or punctures. Most tyres have tread depth indicators so that you can monitor your tyre tread. Whilst the recommended tread for a tyre is 1.5mm, CDTA believes your tyres should not be used once the tread falls lower than 3mm

Tyre age is also a key factor of tyre health. You can check the date markings on your tyres and replace tyres that are over five years old. Even if they appear to be healthy, rubber deteriorates over time and can cause damage if old tyres continue to be used. 

Always keep tyres (including the spare) inflated to the recommended levels. Your recommended tyre pressure can be found on the information sticker which is usually found either in the door jam or glove box of your vehicle. Having too much air or not enough air leads to uneven wear, reduces handling and grip, and shortens the life of the tyres.

Checking your tyre health regularly is critical in ensuring you minimising the risk of an accident. It is recommended that organisations integrate these low-risk practices into their health and safety regulations. For further information about CDTA low risk driving courses, please visit https://corporatedrivertrainingaustralia.com.au/driving-courses-and-services/

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