Hot Tips for Safe Driving in Summer

By Ronak Shah

A road trip says summer holidays, just like as beaches and barbecues. Here are some tips for safe driving in summer to make yours fun and incident free.

Hot days, afternoon storms and holiday traffic can cause extra distractions on the road during the warmer months. Make it safely to your destination with these tips for safe driving in Summer.
Tips for Safe Driving in Summer

An Australian summer can be hot, hot, hot…. and muggy! When possible, time your trip to avoid driving when the sun will be glaring in the car windows. This can make for hot and bothered drivers and passengers. Make the most of the airconditioned car and travel while the sun is high in the sky. Alternatively, make an early start to your trip and arrive at your destination before the heat of the day… and in front of the holiday traffic.

Carry water bottles in your driver’s side door. This way, when you’re feeling parched, you won’t be tempted to reach around trying to locate something to drink. It’s also a safety practice for any trips through remote areas in case of a breakdown.

Speaking of breakdowns, make sure your membership to any roadside assist service is up to date, and adequate for the trip you have planned. For instance, beach driving may require a higher level of cover than other types of travel.

During Summer, particularly over school holidays, traffic can be a curse. Resist the temptation to lane hop, this actually slows down the overall flow of traffic and does not make your trip quicker. Remaining patient while driving reduces the incidence of tail gating, lane changing and general low-level road rage, making it safer for everyone on the road.

Fill up your Summer with good times – minus the incidents, accidents or dramas on the road – by following these tips for safe driving for summer.

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Safe Driving Tips for Summer
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