How your organisation can benefit from a driver safety course

By Ronak Shah

Driver safety is a critical consideration for businesses across a wide range of industries whether the organisation has one employee or thousands. If one or more of your employees drive on a regular basis for work, undertaking a driver safety course is important for ensuring they are minimising their risk of having an accident.

Over the past 12 months, over 500,000 Australians have experienced a workplace accident ( Australian Bureau of Statistics ). Although the majority of these accidents were minor injuries as a result of lifting, bending or pushing, 4% of cases involved in vehicle accidents ( Australian Bureau of Statistics ). An investment in driver safety programs for staff is a long term investment that minimises the risk all round for employees on the job. 

All Corporate Driver Training Australia courses cover topics that encourage your employees to change the way they think about their safety on the road. All courses are conducted in the classroom and in the real world on public roads with instructors demonstrating low-risk driving and suggesting ways to measure safety performance. 

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