Is Driving With Interior Lights On Illegal

By Ronak Shah
Is Driving With Interior Lights On Illegal

Is Driving With Interior Lights On Illegal?

Driving with interior lights on can be handy in certain situations, such as if a passenger is looking for something, a map, GPS… or to see what the kids are screaming about in the dark.

The problem many drivers face though is the uncertainty around the legality of driving with interior lights on, and any potential fines if police catch you in the act.

Which raises the question is driving with interior lights on illegal?

The answer is no; it is not illegal, it is a popular and persistent myth that refuses to go away. There are no specific laws or legislation that forbids driving with interior lights on. So it’s technically legal to do so. However, before you turn those lights on and drive around, there are a few things to consider.

Driving with interior lights on is a dangerous visual distraction. It can affect the visibility outside of the car, making other vehicles and obstacles harder to see. It is also limiting your long-range night vision. This increases the chances of an accident because you can’t see as far.

Another thing to consider is, after being in the dark, a sudden light can blind drivers for a few seconds. It’s irritating under normal circumstances and deadly when driving.

By law, all Australian motorists have to remain in complete control of their vehicles at all times. If police think that driving with interior lights on is affecting your driving ability and putting everyone in danger, they will intervene. Police can easily find a general traffic violation if they suspect that the interior lights are affecting your ability to drive. The powerful cabin lights are designed to illuminate the interior and can reflect off hard surfaces, windscreens and windows in the car, causing further distractions for the driver.

Driving with interior lights on is not illegal, but it unwise. While it is not unlawful, we encourage drivers to engage in low-risk driving behaviours at all times and avoid anything that will affect your ability to drive competently.

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