Leaving Car Windows Open

By Ronak Shah
leaving car windows open

Leaving Car Windows Open – It Might Surprise You!

Have you ever wondered what the law says about leaving car windows open?
Summers in Australia are unpleasant, temperatures soar to ridiculous heights, and everything left out in the sun heats up. A standard way to help a car stay cool while sitting in the sun is to leave the window of the vehicle open. Leaving car windows open can also help fight the build-up of moisture and keep the air well ventilated.
What a lot of people don’t realise though, is that leaving car windows open in an unattended vehicle is illegal in certain states and can result in monetary penalties for the offending driver.
In Queensland and Victoria, unattended cars cannot have their windows open more than 5cm, or fines of $40 for QLD and $117 for Victoria can apply.
The road rules for NSW dictate that if a person is more than 3 metres from their car, the windows must be secured. However, if it is open by less than 2cm, then it is within the bounds of the law. So be sure to double check before leaving a window open or potentially face the $108 fine.
While there doesn’t appear to be specific laws dictating the correct duration or distance for leaving car windows open in other states, it is best to be cautious before engaging in the practice. Aside from penalties from the law, an open window can invite thieves, leaves, bugs or even small animals to invade the car.
These laws are in place to protect the public from theft and therefore reduce the strain on police. Instead of investigating how exactly thieves managed to break into a car whose windows were wide open, they can be pursuing hardened criminals and focus on keeping the public safe.
Leaving car windows open in an unattended vehicle is illegal in NSW, QLD and Victoria and can attract fines of varying degrees. While there aren’t specific penalties for the other states, it is best to avoid this practice to dissuade thieves and other vermin from gaining unwanted access to vehicles. Regardless of the specific laws in their own states, we encourage drivers to engage in low risk and safe driving habits both on and off the road.
It might surprise many people to find out that leaving car windows open while the car is unattended is actually against the law in some states! And there are many other laws that can be just as surprising for Australians.
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