Low Risk Driver Training Courses in New Zealand

By Ronak Shah

Corporate Driver Training Australiahas just completed 9 days of Low Risk Driver Training Coursesin New Zealand.

Low Risk Driver Training Courses in New ZealandThe team from Corporate Driver Training Australia arrived in New Zealand on Wednesday March 30 and then traveled to Hamilton, in the North Island of New Zealand.

We undertook not only Low Risk Driving but a specialised Reversing and Maneuvering Course.  A client had requested we address a problem of parking and reversing incidents.

Corporate Driver Training Australia created a custom and “tailor made” driver course to suit the client’s needs. This course was a 3 hour course which allowed the client to deliver both a morning and an afternoon session on the same day.

We then traveled to Christchurch, Wellington and Auckland to deliver a number of Low Risk Driving courses and some of our clients undertook on-site Low Risk Driving Refresher Courses.

The Refresher Courses are held on-site for clients who have previously completed a full day Low Risk Driving Course. Refresher Courses were held in the morning and then in the afternoon, enabling us to train a larger number of participants on the same day. There is minimal disruption to worker productivity as each participant is absent from his or her normal working environment for only half a day.

Low Risk Driver Training Courses in New Zealand

Corporate Driver Training Australia are proud to deliver our driving courses in New Zealand, and we hope to further increase road safety and better drivers for our New Zealand clients.

For more information about how Corporate Driver Training Australia can design a tailor made driver courseto suit your business needs, or for more details about our Low Risk Driving Course or Refresher Courses – contact ustoday.

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