Low-Risk Driver Training New Zealand - March 2017

By Ronak Shah

In the week commencing 27th March, Corporate Driver Training Australia delivered low-risk driver training to a corporate client in Christchurch and Auckland, New Zealand.

The course feedback was extremely positive. The participant expectation was that they would be trained in Defensive Driving – but the focus of our Low-Risk Driver Training course is very different.  By the end of the course, all participants recognised that Low Risk Driving techniques were far more appropriate in encouraging drivers to take fewer risks, even when driving in normal road conditions.

In addition to our full day Low-Risk Driver Training course, we completed refresher training.  This refresher trainingis designed for those who have previously completed the full day low-risk driver training course, and understand that it is important to keep these techniques fresh in the minds of all drivers.

The issues confronting road safety in New Zealand are very consistent with that of Australia – road crashes and fatalities are actually increasing after a long period of reduction. As a result, the New Zealand Government has allocated more funds for road safety advertising, in the hope that it will increase driver awareness and influence daily road behaviour.

After our Low-Risk Driver Training Course, participants were asked to complete a feedback form.  We use this form to assess how effective they considered the course to be. It was interesting to note that over 90% of participants stated that they would drive differently after having attended the course.

At Corporate Driver Training Australia, we are passionate about increasing road safety in Australia and New Zealand, and know that our roads are home to countless drivers who drive for work, day and night.  At the end of the day, the purpose of our driver training courses is to increase awareness to the factors that create safer roads and teach drivers techniques to achieve this.

For more information about our range of driver training courses, visit our website or contact us on 1800 757 615.  Being proactive and ensuring that your staff have a handle on low-risk driving techniques can help keep our roads safer for everyone!

Low-Risk Driver Training
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