Low Risk Driving Course March 2016

By Ronak Shah

Apr 4, 2016 | Latest News

CDTA - Low Risk Driving Course March 2016On Tuesday 22nd March 2016, Corporate Driver Training Australiadelivered our Low Risk Driving Course at our public venue at Quest Apartments in Heatherton, situated in Melbourne’s Eastern suburbs. A variety of companies were in attendance eager to learn about our Low Risk Driving Course.

All attendees were enthusiastic and regularly contributed throughout the day.

Many personal experiences were discussed and all were very relevant to the safety message. One attendee was adamant his wife would not approve of him allowing extra distance to the car in front as other cars would take the space. He can now see the benefits and is willing to be criticised.

As part of the Low Risk Driver Course from Corporate Driver Training Australia, four trainers used four vehicles to take all participants out on the on-road session. A variety of road conditions were used during the on road session – including driving on freeways, major roads, minor roads, in shopping centre carparks and in school zones.

Most drivers were very impressed with re-positioning of the side mirrors to eliminate blind spots. It was agreed that whilst this may take a while to get used to, it is well worth persevering with.

We received very positive feedback and 100% of participants believe they will  now take less risks when driving.

Low Risk Driving Course March 2016 –

This course aims to help participants develop skills in four main areas –

Preparing for failure– implementing prior steps to minimize injury if a mistake is made when driving O

Objective risk assessment– learning to measure driving risks and develop a range of strategies to use on road

Motivating for safety– developing a thinking style that promotes safer driving

Feedback– becoming ‘self-critical’ about safety performance

You can find out more about Corporate Driver Training Australia’s Low Risk Driving Courseon our website or contact usfor more details.

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