Low risk driving Melbourne

By Ronak Shah

Low risk driving Melbourne – While driving is never risk-free, you should always to aim to implement a ‘Low Risk’ drive style.

A low-risk driver has good observation, speed management, and road positioning skills.

The key behind good observation while driving is scanning.

Scanning is basically keeping your eyes moving, checking one area of the road for a couple of seconds and then moving your eye to another.

When scanning, look for these things:

  • The distance – any objects or vehicles which may have an impact on your drive
  • The road surface – keep an eye out for any potholes, obstacles you might need to slow down for and avoid
  • To the left and right of your vehicle – be observant of what is taking place on either side of your vehicle
  • Regularly check your mirrors and instruments in your car – the rear view mirror, side mirrors and gauges

Speed Management
Always drive within the speed which is allocated on the road. This will allow for you to react and completely stop if necessary.

Should you see any potential hazards, slow down and prepare to stop, for example when pedestrians are close to the road or when other vehicles may turn in front of you.

As a general rule, if you cannot see at least 5 seconds ahead of you, slow your speed down.

In instances such as wet, icy or gravel roads, where it will take your vehicle longer to come to complete stop, we urge you to slow your overall speed down.

Road Positioning

Position your automobile to maximise distance from any potential hazards.

For example, preemptively moving your car away from parked car sections on a main strip – to avoid any pedestrians and doors opening.

While the above covers a few very important factors of Low Risk driving, there are quite a few more concepts to learn.

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Low risk driving Melbourne
Low risk driving Melbourne

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