Low-risk driving during the rainy season

By Ronak Shah

According to NRSPP , 1 in 3 Australians are scared of driving in wet weather. With winter weather conditions kicking in across the country, it’s important to consider low-risk driving techniques for wet weather conditions. 

If rainfall is predicted during your journey, it is important to ensure your vehicle is in a safe condition for driving in wet weather ( NRSPP ). Firstly, check that all of your external vehicle features are working efficiently, ensure that your windscreen and lights are clean and make sure you have good tyre tread. It is also important to check your windscreen wipers regularly to ensure that you don’t have smearing, missed edges, juddering, squeaking or streaking.

When driving in rainy conditions, CDTA recommends that drivers allow an extra second when travelling behind another vehicle. 

  • Travelling 60km/hour or below: allow 3 second distance  
  • Travelling at 60km/hour – 80km/hour: allow 3.5 second distance
  • Travelling at 80km/ hour or more – all 4 second distance

These low-risk driving techniques will ensure that drivers are fully equipped for adverse weather conditions. For further tips on safe driving, visit https://corporatedrivertrainingaustralia.com.au/  

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