Organisational Safety Culture

By Ronak Shah

“The ‘culture’ of an organisation can be defined as ‘the way we do things around here’. Thus the prevailing organisational culture serves as a powerful lever in guiding the behaviour of its members in their everyday work… A good safety culture, is believed to positively impact upon an organisation’s quality, reliability, competitiveness and profitability.”
Dominic Cooper (1998) Improving Safety Culture

Although the importance of Safety Culture has been acknowledged for years, the significance of its effectiveness in all facets of a Company’s Safety Regime has recently received a significant amount of attention of researchers.

It is now widely accepted that the entire company workforce, including all levels of management must support behavior based safety to support individual drivers

A current Monash University (MUARC) Research project is designed to identify the culture and practices of the employers of work-related drivers to help prevent road traffic injury. The project is using methods that provide a unique insight into organisational structure and the characteristics of managers, supervisors and individual fleet drivers that can influence driver safety.

The NHMRC-funded project focuses on work-related driving safety culture. The project entitled “Work-related Road Traffic Injury: Managing the Risk” involves close collaboration with the Chief Investigators, Dr Sharon Newnam and Professor Mark Stevenson of MUARC, MIRI (among others) and is designed to identify the characteristics of organisations with work-related drivers that can help to prevent work-related road traffic injury.

Corporate Driver Training Australiawill reinforce your organisational (driver) safety messages and recognize that all levels of management have made the commitment to value employee safety first.

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