Road Safety gets a $2.2 billion injection

By Ronak Shah

The recent election outcome is proving to be positive when it comes to improving road safety across the country with Prime Minister Scott Morrison declaring during his election campaign that keeping Australians safe was his top priority ( SBS Australia ).

The federal government has promised an additional $2.2 billion for road safety funding with a heavy focus on repairing regional roads, fixing black spots and renewing bridges. There is also an emphasis on improving safety and productivity in the heavy commercial vehicle sector ( NRSPP ).

Additional funding covers areas including:

  • $1.1 billion in funding for local governments under the Roads to Recovery Program
  • $550 million for the Black Spot Program, which targets known high-risk locations
  • A total of $571.1 million in funding for the Bridges Renewal Program, Heavy Vehicle Safety and Productivity Program, and Heavy Vehicle Safety Initiatives.

As well as this additional funding, the re-elected federal government has also promised an ‘Office for Road Safety’ that is dedicated to executing improvements to road safety around Australia ( SBS Australia ). Deputy Prime Minister Michael McCormack will be working with the state and local governments as well as road safety groups to ensure that road safety is a priority.

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