Roadwork Speed Limits

By Ronak Shah
Roadwork Speed Limits

Time to slow down for Roadwork Speed Limits!

Everyone has had the frustrating experience of having to slow down to a snail’s pace while driving through a road work site. It’s especially annoying when there doesn’t appear to be anyone working on the site, or it’s abandoned.

This usually leads the majority of people to ignore the limit advertised on the sign and just blast through. But what happens if there is a speed camera or a police officer present. If there are no workmen or the site has been abandoned, do the reduced Roadwork Speed Limitsstill apply?

The quick answer is yes. The speed limit on a roadwork sign is always enforceable, regardless of the circumstances. If there is a sign displayed, drivers have to abide by the Roadwork Speed Limitsor potentially face hefty penalties. It doesn’t matter what time it is, or the day, weekends, night, day, or even if the site appears abandoned, if there is a sign, the speed limit is enforceable by Law. Any speed cameras are set to the advertised speed limit and any penalties are the same as receiving a regular speeding fine.

These Laws are in place because sometimes the work being undertaken may not be visible or apparent. Roadwork signs limiting speed can also be used for utility works, such as water gas and electricity or on building sites near or adjacent to the road. There may be equipment, gravel or other hazards that haven’t been cleared yet. If there is a building site adjacent to the highway, there could also be excess debris or equipment that has fallen on the road.

In most cases even if there are no workers present, the work is probably still ongoing and the roads could have modifications that make it unsafe for cars to do the top speed.  Roadwork Speed Limitsare designed to protect everyone, drivers, and the workmen.

Where there is a Roadwork speed sign, the displayed Roadwork Speed Limit is enforceable regardless of the time or if there are workers present.  Aside from fines and charges, there is also the potential for crashes or accidents because of exceeding the speed on a road that isn’t ready yet. It’s recommended that drivers follow the instructions on all displayed signage and engage in low-risk driving behaviours regardless of the time, or whether the site looks abandoned.

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