Sales Rep Driver Distractions - Staying Focussed on the Road

By Ronak Shah

Although they have often been an accepted part of the job, sales rep driver distractions are a serious matter.

Most human behaviour happens automatically – the more we do an activity, the less attention we pay because we get better at it. Driving is no different, and when it comes to sales rep driver distractions, the issues can be plentiful.

After a number of years on the road most people will be able to operate their car without much thought, whether it’s changing gears or switching lanes. This complacency invites terrible habits to form, and for some professions like those in sales, who spend a lot of time on the road, sales rep driver distractions need to be dealt with.

Experts maintain that driver behaviour is a contributing factor in a bit over 90% of road crashes. Both cars and mobile phones are crucial tools for a sales rep, but combining the two can create a dangerous, even lethal combination of sales rep driver distractions

sales rep driver distractions

Driving while distracted is an ever increasing problem on our roads with activities like changing radio stations, personal grooming and talking on the phone some of the more common problems that are distracting drivers. Mobile phone use is still the number one issue though. Talking on the phone increases the chances of an accident occurring, and texting increases that even more. Taking your eyes off the road for even a few seconds can be fatal, but the main issue is the division of attention using a phone creates.

Even if you’re doing the right thing and using blue tooth or a hands-free device, you’re more likely to miss information crucial to driving safely. Visual cues of an impending accident, exit lights, stop signs and the dozens of other things drivers need to be aware of. Distracted drivers also have slower response times, even with your eyes on the road, if your mind is elsewhere, you are still at risk.

Sales rep driver distractions can include anything that diverts your attention away from the road, including talking texting, eating or drinking. Even being tired is a distraction, around 20% of fatal road accidents are linked with driver fatigue, whether it’s making a bad decision while at the wheel or just falling asleep.

There are always ways to reduce sales rep driver distractions, turning off all mobile phones in the car may be annoying and counterproductive to work but it may just save your life. Another option is to get a hands free device for emergencies; it may not be entirely safe, but in an emergency though it’s safer to use a hands free equipment then pick up the phone. Other ways to reduce distractions can include eating before you start driving, program your GPS before you leave and adjust your seat and temp controls beforehand.

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