Steering Position - 10 and 2 No Longer Recommended

By Ronak Shah

“If you’re a conscientious motorist who still does everything the way your driver’s-edinstructor told you to, you’re doing it all wrong.” – NBC News

For many years, we have been taught that the best way to grip a steering wheel is to put one’s hands at the “10 o’clock and 2’oclock” position. However according to research over the past few years, this position is in actual fact wrong and dangerous. The 10 – and – 2 steering position is no longer recommended.

Steering Position

The teaching of the “10  and 2” steering position dates from the era before power steering became a common feature within a car.

Turning the wheel pre-power steering required much more force, pulling down on the wheel from the “2” position was the easiest way to do it.

But easy-to-turn wheels and airbags have changed the logic. If the drivers hands are in the “10 and 2” position, the driver runs the risk of his/her hands bouncing back and colliding with their faces in the event of the airbags deploying. If their hands are at the bottom of the steering wheel, they will be sent sideways, and do no further damage.

“Safety experts and police recommend that drivers place their hands anywhere from 9-3 to as low as 7-4.” – The Mercury News

Image Source: The Mercury News

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