The Benefits of a Corporate Driving Course with Corporate Driver Training Australia

By Ronak Shah

With so many businesses being represented on the road, it is highly recommended for staff members to undertake a corporate driving course.

Some company representatives are their cars for large portions of the workday. This has seen vehicle incidents become one of the most significant contributors to work-related injuries. A corporate driving course can reduce this risk.

What advantages does a corporate driving course provide? These courses affirm the value of employees within the company and ensure that they are able to perform their duties safely.

Distractions like driver motivation, poor driver behaviour and driver fatigue are some of the most significant problems encountered by staff on the road. Awareness and effective training are the keys to keeping people safe.

Driver motivation is tough to manage, especially when the driving involves long trips without frequent breaks. After several hundred kilometres behind the wheel, it can be easy for driver motivation to drop, causing them to lose the awareness and response skills that are paramount to avoiding accidents. Accidents are more likely to occur when a driver’s attention wanders and their guard is dropped.

Little incidents are always at risk of happening on the road, but when a driver is maintaining concentration, there is a higher chance of preventing such accidents – it could mean the difference between avoiding an animal running onto the road or a serious accident.

Corporate Driving Course

A quality corporate driving coursecan assist in correcting driver behaviour. Poor driver behaviour such as talking on the phone, texting or using other devices while driving is responsible for a large number of crashes and accidents. Experts maintain that driver behaviour is a contributing factor in a bit over 90% of road crashes. Good driver behaviour can help ensure that minor incidents don’t turn into serious accidents.

As part of any corporate driver training, driver fatigue must be addressed. This is one of the top three killers on the road. Most drivers know not to drink and drive, but it can be harder to judge fatigue – and the results can be as damaging as driving under the influence. Experts claim that being awake for 17 uninterrupted hours reduces driver performance to that of someone with a blood alcohol concentration of 0.05.

At Corporate Driver Training Australia, we are industry leaders when it comes to delivering effective low-risk driving courses. A corporate driving course can be delivered on-site anywhere in Australia, and individuals can attend these courses throughout the country. These helpful and informative sessions are designed to ensure our roads are safer for everyone.

For more information about any of our driver training courses, contact the teamat Corporate Driver Training Australia.

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