Tips for driving during the holiday season

By Ronak Shah

The Festive Season is about spending time with family and friends, celebrating and recharging. During this time, many families travel long distances in their car to visit family and friends, or for holidays. Holiday periods are often considered periods of heightened danger on Australian roads.

Over the past decade, from 2008-2017, 396 people lost their lives on Australian roads during the Festive Season. (NRSPP)

Here are some other ways to stay safe this festive season:

  • If you plan to drive long distances, make sure that you get your car servicedbefore your drive
  • Before leaving on your journey, undertake basic vehicle checksincluding tyres, windscreen wipers, belts and hoses, filters, oil, battery, and light
  • Plan your routeahead of time and take the time to become aware of unfamiliar roads and traffic conditions
  • Plan to share the drivingon long trips if possible and only drive when you are well-rested
  • Allow plenty oftravel time and allow for regular breaks if you are driving for more than two hours.
  • Be aware of the symptoms and effects of driver fatigue, don’t let yourself keep driving if you are feeling tired

Two-thirds of the Australian population live in metropolitan areas, however, more than half of the road fatalities occur in rural or remote areas (NRSPP). The risks on rural roads include unfamiliar driving conditions, extreme weather, unsealed roads, inconsistent road surfaces, riskier overtaking, livestock, and wildlife. You are also at increased risk if you are driving in high-speed zones or in the early hours of the morning (3 am – 5 am).

We urge you to take these considerations into account before setting off on your holidays this year. These simple tips will help you keep your family safe and other drivers on the road. We encourage you to share this article with your colleagues and friends as we prepare for a happy and safe festive season. 

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