Very Special Kids Charity - Low Risk Trailer Towing Familiarization Course

By Ronak Shah

Corporate Driver Training Australia recently delivered a half-day trailer-towing course to volunteers at the office of the Very Special Kids charity.

The course was a Low Risk Trailer Towing Familiarization Course. Very Special Kids Volunteers were tasked to tow trailers that had oversized pink pigs. The pink pigs were the Charity’s promotional icon and a great way to raise awareness.

The volunteers drove the trailers to various locations such as shopping centres and schools in an effort to raise awareness and promote donations to the Very Special Kids charity.

Corporate Driver Training Australia has delivered trailer-towing courses for Very Special Kids over many years, and the courses have been very well received.

On this particular Saturday morning and before the practical session commenced, a pre-check of the trailer was undertaken to ensure everything was operating as it should. We noted that one trailer had an under inflated tyre and another trailer had a non-operational rear indicator. This was a great reminder to the participants of the importance of doing this pre-check before commencing their tow. This ensures road safety and correct towing measures.

The day was very informative and fun for all involved. Some participants even stayed back after the completion of the course to fine tune some of their skills!

Our trainer, Roger Berry was happy to provide further tuition to ensure that all volunteers were well prepared to use all the necessary towing skills when towing the pink pig in normal towing conditions.

The basics skills that were taught in our Low Risk Trailer Towing Familiarization Course includes how to check the trailer and vehicle, how to prepare the rig, how to hitch and unhitch, how to secure a load, how to conduct a mid-journey safety check, safety-optimising techniques and reversing a trailer.

For more information on our Low Risk Trailer Towing Familiarization Course or our many other course, visit our courses and services page. For further information or questions, feel free to contact us today at Corporate Driver Training Australia.

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