Viva Energy - Learning from Incidents

By Ronak Shah

Low-Risk Driving is at the forefront of thinking for our client Viva Energy – Learning from Incidents.

Viva-Energy - Learning-from-Incidents

“Low risk driving requires full concentration on the driving task” – Viva Energy – Learning from incidents

An alert was created after a number of on-road incidents involving both those who drive on company business and Hired Carrier Leadership Teams and Drivers.

The three distractions cited involved in-cab technology distractions.

Lessons learned fromViva’sobservations are wholeheartedly reinforced in our Low Risk Driving Course.

In car technology distractionsare of significant concern, Crash avoidance Space calculations are distorted when in cab technology distractions come into play and when adopting Low Risk Driving full concentration on the driving task is required!

During our Full Day Low Risk Driving Course,  Corporate Driver Training Australiaemphasises that the change in behaviour is required to become a Low Risk Driver.

The change in behaviour requires the driver to adopt “my safety, my choice”  principle.

For a full course description please visit our discover why we are different.

If you have any inquiries about low risk driving, or would like to make a booking please don’t hesitate to contact us.




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