Why your organisation needs to undertake a low-risk driving course

By Ronak Shah

As an employer, you have a legal responsibility to ensure that all employees are appropriately trained in all aspects of their role. If their role involves travelling by vehicle regularly, then these workers must be trained in low-risk driving. You may be confident in the driving skills of your staff, however, many drivers on the road take risks without knowing potential damage that small changes in behaviour can have on their safety as well as the safety of others on the road. People driving in a work capacity will often have added distractions including traffic, delays, work tasks, deadlines and phone calls which can mean they are concentrating more on their work rather than on their driving.

A corporate driver training course refreshes skills and knowledge and can identify risk factors that drivers are not even aware of. After attending our courses, participants notice a change in their driving behaviour by implementing safe, low-risk driving techniques. These skills are then applied to work-related driving as well as improving overall safety on the road.

Aside from the corporate and legal responsibilities to be met, a corporate driver training course leads to a better, safer workplace culture on and off the road. To learn more about our courses and we can tailor a course to the needs of your organisation, visit https://corporatedrivertrainingaustralia.com.au/low-risk-driving-course-one-day/

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