Low Risk Trailer Towing Course – One Day

This course is designed for drivers who may be required to tow trailers including larger trailers as part of their job requirements. It also incorporates are important aspects of the Low Risk Driving Course.


This course is a combination of both classroom and practical learning. The following skills are demonstrated:

  • Low Risk Driving Principles: Understanding and implementing principles that prioritise safety and minimise risk while driving.
  • Trailer-Vehicle Safety Check:  Learning how to inspect the trailer and vehicle to ensure they are compatible and meet requirements for safe towing. 
  • Rig Preparation: Understanding the steps involved in preparing the entire setup, or 'rig', for a journey to ensure readiness and safety. 
  • Hitching and Unhitching: Demonstrating the process of attaching and detaching the trailer from the vehicle safely and efficiently. 
  • Load Securement and Weight Distribution: Learning techniques to properly secure the load on the trailer while considering weight distribution to maintain stability during transit. 
  • Mid-Journey Safety Checks: Understanding the importance of conducting safety checks during a journey to ensure continued safe towing. 
  • Optimising Safety Driving Techniques: Acquiring driving techniques tailored for towing trailers to maximise safety, especially in real traffic conditions. 
  • Reversing a Trailer: Practicing the skills needed to reverse a trailer safely, including using mirrors effectively and understanding the dynamics of trailer movement in reverse.

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A Certificate of Completion is issued on completion of the course. More detailed information is available on request. Contact CDTA for a course program and pricing information.

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