Low Risk Trailer Towing Course – One Day

This program is designed for those drivers who may be required to tow trailers (including larger trailers) as part of their work requirements. Also included are important aspects of the Low Risk Driving Course


The program is a combination of both classroom and practical learning. The following skills are demonstrated:

  • How to adopt Low Risk Driving principles
  • How to check that the trailer and vehicle are a safe and legal combination
  • How to prepare the ‘rig’ for a journey
  • How to hitch and unhitch
  • How to secure a load with consideration to weight distribution
  • How to conduct a mid journey safety check
  • Driving techniques to optimise safety, including driving with a trailer on road in real traffic conditions
  • How to reverse a trailer

Typically, this program is delivered on site. However, in some circumstances specialist training facilities may be required. Sourcing specialist training facilities will incur an additional fee.


A Certificate of Completion is issued on completion of the course. More detailed information is available on request. Contact CDTA for a course program and pricing information.

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