New Zealand Trailer Towing Course March 2017

By Ronak Shah

On 28th March 2017, Corporate Driver Training Australia delivered a highly rewarding New Zealand Trailer Towing Course in Christchurch.

The New Zealand trailer towing coursewas extremely well received and was undertaken by company employees who use trailers in their everyday work environment. All of the personnel who attended, use domestic sized trailers in a city environment.

For this half-day training event, all of the attendees were more than pleased and confident with their newly acquired skills. The course started with a short theory session, explaining in detail the elements of safe trailer towing – braking, towing weight definitions, general safety tips relevant to trailer loading and swaying. The group then moved outdoors for the practical session, which included demonstrations on hitching and unhitching, driving with a trailer in normal road conditions and on unsealed roads, as well as reversing and manoeuvring with a trailer.

For those who tow larger trailers and heavy loads in a heavy commercial environment, we offer a full day low-risk trailer towing course.

Both the full day and half day trailer towing training courses are always conducted on-site, using equipment that participants encounter in everyday work situations.

If your company requires employees to tow trailers during the course of their work, and you are looking to ensure that this is done safely and cost-effectively, Corporate Driver Training Australia can help.  For more information about a trailer towing course for your business, in either Australia or New Zealand, contact CDTA today.

Trailer Towing Course
Trailer Towing Course
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