Low Risk 4WD Training Course – One Day

CDTA's Low Risk 4WD Training Course is a one-day program tailored for individuals who utilize 4WD vehicles for work and are committed to enhancing 4WD safety. The course blends key aspects from our one-day Low Risk Driving Course with basic 4WD knowledge and skills. While this course can be conducted at your workplace, access to a suitable 4WD area nearby is necessary.

Sessions include an on-road driving component as well as off-road driving on bush tracks and in more challenging environments. This course does not include vehicle recovery techniques requiring specialist equipment such as recovery straps or winches.

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By the end of the one-day course participants will be able to –

  • Prepare a 4WD for off-road travel
  • Effectively operate the special features of 4WD
  • Drive a 4WD in a low risk manner both on and off road
  • Think in ways that promote cautious behaviour
  • Give themselves feedback for continuous improvement

Peer Feedback

Research indicates that constructive feedback from colleagues can be powerful. As a part of the practical drive component, our trainers are skilled at incorporating the concept of Peer Feedback to inform participants on how well they use the Low Risk Driving strategies they have been taught.


On completion of the course each participant receives a certificate detailing the topics covered.

This includes:

  • Tyres
  • Posture & Seat Belts
  • Braking
  • Low Risk Driving
  • Assessing Risk
  • Safety Ownership
  • Driving on Sealed/Unsealed Roads
  • Driving at Highway Speeds
  • 4X4 Vehicle Preparation
  • 4X4 Mechanical Differences
  • Use of High/Low Range
  • Use of Free-Wheeling Hubs (if applicable)
  • Freeing Transmission Wind-up
  • Ascending/Descending & Stall Recovery
  • Negotiating Rough Tracks
  • Water Crossings (if applicable)

More detailed information is available on request. Contact CDTA for a course program and pricing information.

Additional Information

All participants receive a workbook, memory prompts and an opportunity to provide feedback about their experiences to CDTA. Every lesson is complimented by a video presentation specifically produced by CDTA‘s Product Development Unit.

The course has been designed to meet a wide range of learning styles and literacy levels. The Low Risk Driving Course is appropriate for all drivers regardless of the type of vehicle they use.

More detailed information is available on request. Contact CDTA for a course program and pricing information.

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