Low Risk Driving Course – One Day

Low Risk Driving Course – One Day

The Low Risk Driving Course is a one-day safe driving program usually conducted at your place of business with small group sizes ensuring maximum trainee participation and we do not exceed a ratio of more than four participants to one trainer. If needed, additional trainers are available to accommodate larger groups. Alternatively, individuals may attend one of our mixed client courses regularly conducted at quality training venues in major Australian capital cities with no minimum number of participants required to attend from your workplace for these one-day courses. All courses are delivered by Nationally Accredited and highly experienced trainers.

This course combines classroom theory and practical driving which takes place on real road traffic situations near your workplace or the training venue. This is not about developing high level car control skills; instead, drivers are shown how to manage their safety more effectively by motivating their intrinsic desire to stay safe. Most importantly, participants learn how to sustain on-going positive changes with their driving.

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This course is designed to help participants develop skills across four main areas: 

 Preparing for failure – implementing proactive measures to minimise injury in the event of driving mistakes – Objective risk assessment - learning to measure driving risks and develop an array of strategies on road – Motivating for safety - having a mindset that prioritises safe driving practices – Feedback - becoming ‘self-critical’ about safety performance

Peer Feedback

Research shows that constructive feedback from colleagues can be powerful. As a part of the practical drive component, our trainers are skilled at incorporating the concept of Peer Feedback to inform participants on how well they use the Low Risk Driving strategies they have been taught.


On completion of the course each participant receives a certificate detailing the topics covered.

This includes:

  • Tyres
  • Posture & Seat Belts
  • Braking
  • Fatigue
  • Driving Risk & Risk Taking Behaviour
  • Scanning & Observations
  • Optimism Bias
  • Safety Ownership
  • Resolving Safety/Risk Conflicts
  • Low Risk Driving
  • Commentary Driving

Additional Information

All participants receive a workbook, memory prompts and an opportunity to provide feedback about their experiences to CDTA. Every lesson is complimented by a video presentation specifically produced by CDTA‘s Product Development Unit.

The course has been designed to meet a wide range of learning styles and literacy levels. The Low Risk Driving Course is appropriate for all drivers regardless of the type of vehicle they use.

More detailed information is available on request. Contact CDTA for a course program and pricing information.

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